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Outsource ideation to twits

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Outsource ideation to twits


Marketing agencies can now outsource ideation, through a new service called Ideas Culture.

The brainchild of tech expert Yvonne Adele (a.k.a. Ms Megabyte), Ideas Culture delivers solutions to creative problems through a global team sourced via twitter.

The business offers three services: ‘Ideas While You Sleep’, ‘Ideas With You’ and ‘Ideas Via You’. The first allows marketers to submit an idea by 4pm and receive over 100 solutions by 10am the next morning. The ‘Ideas With You’ option offers an interactive workshop, techniques and evaluation, while the latter offers techniques to kick-start brainstorming.

Yvonne explained, “Ideas are the lifeblood of advertising, marketing and PR agencies but the reality is it can be difficult to drive creative thinking while running on empty. How many times have brainstorm sessions fallen flat or old ideas have simply been recycled?”

Ideas Culture employees are called Idea Agents hailing from 170 countries and range from multinational CEOs to comedians. The agents are paid for their ideas, which are then owned by the client.

Austereo (FoxFM, 2day, Triple M) recently engaged the company to assist in ideation for a pitch aimed at enticing a console games company away from their traditional TVC and web spend.

“Key to the success of Ideas for You is each Ideas Agent brings their own set of unique thoughts, insights and experiences. Creative thinking theory has proven that the best way to spark new ideas is to use fresh eyes and random connections,” Yvonne said.

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