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Animal Logic goes gaming


Animal Logic goes gaming


This week Australian founded animation and visual effects studio, Animal Logic, announced its expansion into the game and interactive entertainment business with the formation of Animal Logic Interactive (ALI), to be headquartered in Los Angeles.

Never heard of Animal Logic? You may think you don’t know who they are but I’ll bet you’re a big fan without even knowing it. They’re the geniuses behind Happy Feet and those luscious Pure Blonde TVCs with the cute coughing deer. Now you remember, don’t you?

Giancarlo Mori has been appointed as senior vice president and will oversee the new business division of Animal Logic, which will focus on original game and interactive entertainment design and development for traditional and emerging platforms and media.

With over 20 years experience in software development and 12 years in senior roles in the games industry, Mori is a logical choice to lead Animal Logic’s foray into the medium. The game industry veteran most recently served as VP of Production, North America Studios, for Activision where he oversaw numerous key releases including Tony Hawk, Gun, Shrek and other DWA Animation titles.

Whilst ALI is based in LA, Mori anticipates a very organic exchange of creative development between the Australian and US company operations, harnessing the talent, technology and ideas which will flow from both campuses.

Any predictions on how this company will fare in the gaming industry?

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