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So you think youre a web marketer in 2008?

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So you think youre a web marketer in 2008?


If you havent heard of Jeremiah Owyang then dont worry. Youre not alone. More people havent heard of him than have, so youre in the company of billions of other regular folks.

But then who ever said they wanted to be regular?

Jeremiah Owyang is a Senior Analyst focused on Social Computing for the Interactive Marketer with Forrester Research, and if you work in anything even remotely resembling Web 2.0 or social media and you havent already thought about checking out his stuff, then one of his most recent posts should be cause enough for you to get on this particular bandwagon (seriously, its filling up already and soon there wont be any more room).

A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008 does exactly what is says on the tin, which is staggering because it does say a complete list. As Jeremiah says, this isnt a magic bullet. Its not a shopping list but it is a sort of strategy wish list. If youre thinking of putting together a social media strategy then it helps at least to have an idea of what areas you should be looking at.

And for those of you who cant spare the 15-20 minutes you should find to read Jeremiahs whole post, here in unapologetically adulterated form is a summary of his list:

  1. Corporate Domain
    Corporate Site
    Portal Strategy
    Micro Sites for segmentation
    Interactive Web Marketing
  2. Search Marketing
    Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Marketing
  3. Out bound and Syndicated Web Marketing
    Email marketing
    Invasive Marketing
    Syndicated Content and RSS
  4. Brand Extension
    Web Advertising
    Contextual Advertising
    Sponsorship and Cross Branding
    Social Advertisements
    Widget Advertising
    Affiliate Marketing
  5. Community Marketing and Social Media Marketing
    eCommerce / Rating Sites
    Social Networking, forums, wikis, collaboration
    Syndicated marketing
    Podcast marketing
    Widget marketing
    Online video and live streaming
    Instant messaging, presence
    Tagging, collective tools
    Voting features
    Micro media
    Infinite other flavours
  6. Virtual Worlds
    Virtual Worlds
    Online Massively Multiplayer Games (OMMG/OMMRPG)
    Online Games
  7. Related Mediums
    Internet TV (IPTV)
    Mobile content
  8. Experimental: To watch
    Portability of the Social Graph
    Vendor Relationship Management

And before you choke on your muesli, remember, this is a list of tools available for the web marketer, not a list of a whole bunch of things you havent got time to think about. Decide on your objectives, decide on a plan to meet those objectives and then choose the right tools from the above list.

Oh yeah, and dont forget to read Jeremiahs original if youre serious about some of these areas.


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