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Anti-logo movement makes teen rich


Anti-logo movement makes teen rich


Jimmy Winkelmann’s brand parody has paid off his college fees and angered outdoor brand The North Face.

Winkelmann founded a satirical company named The South Butt, reportedly in response to the ubiquity of The North Face’s fleece jackets at his private prep school.

The North Face served Winkelmann with cease and desist papers, generating large amounts of free publicity for The South Butt. Winkelmann originally offered to sell the company to The North Face for USD$1 million, but has since retracted the offer following the company’s success.

The North Face is now taking Winkelmann to court claiming the logos are similar enough to confuse consumers. The South Butt’s attorney, Albert Watkins says the only similarity between the brands is the word ‘The’ and that the public is intelligent enough to differentiate between a butt and face.

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