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Asia Pacific leads in healthy eating trends


Asia Pacific leads in healthy eating trends


According to Nielsen’s ‘Global Trends in Healthy Eating’ survey, worldwide many consumers still experience barriers to eating healthily.

The global survey polled more than 27,000 consumers in 55 markets worldwide about their preferences for healthy food. The barriers to healthy eating that came to light, included 41% of respondents indicating that the ‘desire to treat myself’ was the largest barrier to eating healthily. 35% cited time as a factor in preparing healthy meals, while 33% indicated that finances kept them from eating healthily. Additionally, 25% felt that healthy food’s substandard taste was a barrier, while 24% still experience confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not.

The survey also interrogated respondents about their interest in organic foods, finding that 40% bought organic foods. By region, 47% in Asia Pacific buy organic, 45% of Latin Americans, 43% of Middle East/African/Pakistan consumers, 35% of Europeans and 24% of North American buy organic foods. The reasons behind organic food choice included the belief that its healthy, pesticide-free and more nutritious than non-organic food.

With the spotlight on Asia Pacific, the study highlighted that consumers in this region lead the world when it comes to the intention to buy organic products (47% compared to global average of 40%). Asia Pacific consumers are mostly likely to buy organic products as they view organic products as healthier (82% versus global average of 76%) and more nutritious (57% versus 51%).

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