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Aussies becoming more loyal


Aussies becoming more loyal


Ipsos’ ‘Australian Loyalty Study’ has found that Australians are more loyal across the board than they were two years ago.

Topping the list, 88% of Australians say they are more loyal to their spouse than they were two years ago.

In the consumer realm, 76% of Australians are loyal to the brand of car they drive, 67% to their coffee shop and 65% to their financial institution.

On most items relating to the concept of loyalty, from Loyalty to employer to Loyalty not being an old-fashioned concept, Gen Y was significantly more positive.

“This was a shocking finding as most of us in the Loyalty business believed Gen Y generally had an inflated sense of entitlement so we expected their loyalty scores to be lowest. In fact, they were most favourable to the concept of loyalty and stated more loyalty to brands and employer than Gen X and in many cases Baby Boomers. It may come as a surprise to some that Gen Y is the most likely to remain loyal to their employer even if they are offered a higher paying job elsewhere,” said Brett Tucker, head of loyalty at Ipsos.

Despite this, 45% of Australians do not believe organisations do a good job of encouraging loyalty with their customers and 47% say organisations don’t do a good job of properly recognising and rewarding loyal customers.

On the employment front, 55% of Australians indicated they would remain loyal to their current workplace if they were offered a position elsewhere – even if the hypothetical position included a 10% pay rise.

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