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Aussies want more control over advertising content


Aussies want more control over advertising content


A September 2009 study conducted by Roy Morgan Research has found that a majority of Australians (75%) surveyed want greater control over advertising content, compared to 10% saying they wanted less control.

According to the study, TV is the medium most in need of more control over its ad content (53%), well ahead of radio (19%), the internet (18%), direct mail (14%), newspapers (13%), magazines (13%), outdoor (10%) and cinema (7%).

“This special Roy Morgan study shows that TV remains the advertising channel that Australians have the greatest concern with in terms of advertising content. Despite these worries about advertising, 76% of Australians (up 2% since 1982) believe advertising is essential,” explained Michele Levine, chief executive of Roy Morgan Research.

The survey also indicated that perceptions of the truthfulness of advertising have continued changing since 1974 – now 41% (up 21%) of Australians agree that in general, advertising presents a true picture of the product advertised.

An increasing number of Australians also agree that advertising often persuades people to buy things they don’t need.

On the whole, the study showed Australians are still very positive about advertising with 87% of Australians saying that it is good for keeping you informed about things you can buy.

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