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Australian online ads go Tribal


Australian online ads go Tribal


Tribal Fusion, the worlds largest independent online advertising network launched into the Australian marketplace this week. Through the latest ad serving and optimisation technology, Tribal Fusion looks to deliver advertising solutions to brand and direct marketers and premium publishers by offering customised placements in contextually relevant content.

The demand for online display advertising continues to grow as both consumers and advertisers shift from traditional to digital media. This has presented a challenge to marketers in the delivery of the
right message to the right consumer in a complex and ever expanding
online world with increasing audience fragmentation – a challenge which Tribal Fusion addresses in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., India, and now in Australia.

Vicki Lyon, director of business development, Tribal Fusion – Australia, said, Tribal Fusion has built a successful independent advertising network with its innovative approach and unique technologies, addressing the needs of both online marketers and publishers. We offer site-specific and special placements, and various ways to target users anonymously such as geotargeting and behavioural targeting. Tribal Fusion delivers campaign results with the transparency and quality of sites that advertisers have come to expect.

Dilip DaSilva, founder & CEO of Exponential Interactive, Inc., the parent company of Tribal Fusion, stated, Tribal Fusion has enjoyed six years of profitable growth, and international expansion is a key strategy to our continuing success. Australia is an exciting market for Tribal Fusion as we see the strong growth in the online sector teamed with a healthy agency culture. Our existing user base of English speaking consumers makes Tribal Fusion a natural fit for both Australian publishers and digital marketers.

With the explosion in online media content and advertising, we wanted to ensure that our high-quality advertisers and publishers have access to a broad range of tools to reach their target audiences and increase their revenue potential. Tribal Fusion offers the most robust, dynamic, scalable solutions that leverage our proprietary technology, DaSilva added.

Tribal Fusion represents over 1500 web publishers worldwide and works with 38 of the top 50 online advertisers including brands such as Microsoft, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and Sony. Tribal Fusion offers advertisers site-specific and special placements, behavioural targeting, profile targeting, geotargeting, and daypart advertising and tandem ads.

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