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B Your Best – helping Blackmores drive new membership


B Your Best – helping Blackmores drive new membership



Client: Blackmores
Campaign: ‘B Your Best’ membership drive
Agency: Bullseye


The Australian health supplements market is highly competitive, with price discounting constantly eroding brand loyalty. However, with its online Membership Loyalty Program, Blackmores has a powerful tool to increase customer retention. Our research shows that Blackmores members spend 46% more than average consumers in the supplements category and also have much higher than average Brand Advocacy scores (ranging from +16 to +79, compared to an industry average of -19).


Historically, Blackmores has offered high-end prizes, from cars to overseas holidays, to attract new members. Long term, this was proving costly and often attracted low-yield competition hunters. For this promotion, Blackmores set an ambitious target: to recruit 8,000 targeted, high-yield members in six weeks – with half the budget of the previous years campaign.


Blackmores’ target audience is predominantly women aged 20 – 49, however on closer inspection we identified a core target of women aged 25 – 35, a high-yield group with the most average spend per month. We then segmented this group according to their primary areas of interest: general wellbeing, weight, pregnancy and fitness.

Our strategy was to produce a highly-targeted creative campaign for each segment, starting with the weight segment (which represented the highest ROI against media).


In recent years, we helped to differentiate the Blackmores brand through a membership program that gives people access to free health-related tools and services. For this campaign, we took the bold move of presenting a new way to promote membership: not via prizes and gimmicks but by actually showcasing the true value of membership – something their competitors could not compete with.  It included personalised EDMs, DM, MP3 exercises, digital tools plus a dedicated weight-loss support centre.


Here’s a summary of the results that we achieved:

  • Huge Uptake – We smashed our target of 8,000 within days. After just 10 days, we had 10,403 new members and by the end of the campaign had recruited a total of 18,142 new members. This represented substantial numbers in terms of potential incremental revenue for Blackmores.
  • Significantly More Conversions – Our EDMs achieved a conversion rate of 64%, much higher than the average of 30% for previous campaigns (on Emailcash, our conversion rate was a massive 88%).
  • Increased Product Sales – In 8 weeks, Blackmores’ Weight Loss Accelerate product became the number 1 selling brand in the fiercely competitive weight-loss category

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