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Be real or fake off


Be real or fake off


Anyone with a blog or that is posting to a blog will already understand that blogs need a regular, staple diet of home-grown organic produce.

Feeding an offspring in this way can be time-expensive and there is the danger of cutting corners with mass produced thoughts.

Even some of the big guns in blog-land Seth, Ted, Springwise, Adrants, Techcrunch, logic + emotion or other Power 150s presumably feel the pressure not to run themselves into the ground in the quest to add value on a daily basis.

FRANk’s blog, now seven months new, emerged from the desire to reflect the character of the company via our collective musings and to generate maximum Google-juice. It would be un-FRANk to believe all our posts are equally satisfying but after a while the ability to capture a spontaneous thought with a post in mind becomes more second nature.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and FRANk is continually surprised about what generates the most noise by way of responses. Not every post needs to be highly contentious or mind-breaking. Just being real, of the moment and positive is the key.

With all this in mind we look forward to regularly feeding this new blog with true organic produce.


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