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Bing launches local campaign


Bing launches local campaign


Ninemsn has officially launched Bing’s local campaign.

The integrated campaign, ‘Bing and Good Things Happen’, will cross several channels with print, online and TVC executions. The concept, developed by Moon Communications Group, aims to create an emotional connection by featuring Bing’s unique daily homepage image prominently.

Joe Pollard, ninemsn CEO, explained the challenges and concept:

“Establishing Bing as an alternative search engine in the Australian marketplace is an exciting challenge for ninemsn. One of the best ways to meet this challenge is through building the Bing brand and encouraging trial through education of its outstanding product attributes. The changing daily homepage image on Bing is innovative and inspirational and something that is instantly recognisable. We knew therefore that it was important for our campaign to draw attention to this distinguishing feature.”

The TVC ties to Bing’s daily image feature, employing emotive images to imply inspiration and personal discovery through search. The campaign aims to increase market share and audience within Australia.

“We felt it was imperative to communicate differentiating features including the ability for people to find what they’re searching for more quickly, easily and with better organised results through Bing. Articulating this without sounding too technical or impersonal was challenging, however we’re delighted that our campaign is one that people can easily relate to on a personal level,” said Pollard.

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