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Bluetongue sticks it out


Bluetongue sticks it out


It’s cheeky, it’s funny and clever. Agency, thebrandshop, is launching the second phase of the Bluetongue campaign just in time for Australia Day – what better time for a beer brand.

The new ads will consist of 24-sheet outdoor sites, shopper-scapes near bottle shops, and mobile billboards nationally.

Bluetongue marketing manager Sarah Dennis believes that the simplicity of the creative will give the fledgling beer barons good cut-through and great branding.

“The visibility of the outdoor medium really reflected the positioning of the brand, delighted our consumers, sales team and retailers. December was a record month for the Bluetongue brand sales with a strong forecast also following for January,” says Dennis.

And it seems to be catching the right attention. Bluetongue recently won the best ‘craft’ beer for 2008 at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards and is owned by Pacific Beverages, a joint venture between SAB Miller and Coca-Cola Amatil.

thebrandshop managing director Gavin Larkin says, “We’re really excited to be able to help a brand with fantastic regional success, replicate that success nationally. We believe it has the potential to become a truly iconic Australian beer. It helps that the product is bloody good.”

The four Bluetongue beer varieties are Premium Lager, Pilsener, Premium Light and Alcoholic Ginger Beer. While the Marketing crew are yet to sample this particular brew, the campaign has put a few smiles on dials.

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