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Brand summary data screens released by ABA


Brand summary data screens released by ABA


The Audit Bureaux of Australia (ABA) has announced the launch of its ‘brand summary screens’, aimed at media buyers, agencies and publishers.

The screens, which will be available to all ABA members, are aimed at providing a single view of print, digital, website and email newsletter circulation figures, allowing media buyers easier access to audited data.

The launch of the brand summary screens comes two months after the release of ABA’s Web Audit Service. More than 20 publisher sites representing an audience of over 400,000 Australians per month have reportedly signed up for the service that incorporates email newsletter and digital publication audit services.

Fairfax Business Media, IDG Communications, Universal Magazines, Intermedia Group and Rank Publishing are among the publishers who will be audited.

The ABA indicated that the range of magazine categories now being audited by the service includes B2B, consumer, technology, finance, news, lifestyle, street press and events. Audited sites are also appearing in Nielsen’s Market Intelligence system that can be viewed by digital agencies.

With the current discussions around charging for content online, CEO of ABA Gordon Towell expects a significant increase in the number of publishers agreeing to be audited.

“The first data set has shown minimal audience duplication between these sites, proving the inherent niche targeting opportunities for advertising. At present web traffic data is too easily manipulated which makes it particularly difficult for media buyers and advertisers. Without third party verification of the data I anticipate we’ll see online advertising decline in those sites that attempt to charge for content,” said Towell.

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