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Captain Cooks Norfolk Island branding trumped


Captain Cooks Norfolk Island branding trumped


Norfolk Island Tourism has launched its first ever branding and largest advertising campaign.

Created by DDI, the Tourism group hopes to align public perception of the island closer to the experience of visiting. The campaign, ‘Welcome back to Earth’, positions Norfolk Island as a place of natural beauty with a quirky, relaxed culture.

“‘The World of Norfolk’ has won the full support of the locals, some of whom are integral to the advertising. Fundamental to the new brand is the equal distribution of focus on Norfolk Island’s people, place and past. These three pillars are equally represented in every single creative to ensure a balanced and honest view of Norfolk Island today and what it offers travellers,” said Darren Stocks, marketing manager, Norfolk Island Tourism.

DDI believe they are the second to brand Norfolk Island, after Captain Cook branded it paradise two hundred and thirty five years ago.

“You don’t get many destinations to clean the slate, re-position and drive every element of the communication mix. We have an unbelievably committed client team, worked from a fantastic brief, and have completely fallen for a destination with an undiscovered charm, character and a wicked sense of humour,” explained John Speers, general manager, DDI.

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