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Cascade puts itself at beer drinkers fingertips


Cascade puts itself at beer drinkers fingertips


Cascade has launched a clever new iPhone app that hopes to put the brand in front of beer connoisseurs eyes every day.

The application, called the Cascade Brewer’s Nose, uses barcode scanning technology, allowing users to scan just about any beer using an iPhone camera, watch videos, read and submit tasting notes and keep a log of the brews they’ve tried.

The app also uses GPS technology to help beer-lovers search for their favourite stores, pubs and bars that stock Cascade.

“Cascade wanted to share some of their wisdom with beer drinkers, help them learn more about beer,” a spokesperson for Cascade tells Marketing mag. “This is a way to just encourage people to learn a bit more. We’re starting to see a lot more interest with matching beer to food, we’ve seen the explosion of craft beer. This app is a one stop shop for anyone who wants to learn more about a beer.”

The app, which was created by Droga5, boldly embraces the competition, providing details on 500 beers available in Australia.

“You go in to a bottle shop,” the spokersperson says, “the camera scans whatever beer you get and brings up tasting notes for that beer, it brings up matching foods and other info.

“It’s like magic to me. This is the first beer app that uses scanning technology. It also has social media connectivity, with Facebook and Twitter. You can see what your friends have scanned in lately, their tasting notes, and where they have been scanning beer.”

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