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Cayman: wind in your hair or between your toes?


Cayman: wind in your hair or between your toes?


Porsche has taken Crocs to court over their use of the trademark Cayman.

Crocs have launched a line of their aerated clog products named Cayman. Porche is concerned Crocs use of the trademark will impinge on both consumers brand and word association: harking to clogs rather than Caribbean islands.

Crocs Europe was asked in May by Porsche to stop using the name and requested payment for legal costs involved with sending the cease-and-desist notice.

The company intends to vigorously defend itself against these claims, said Crocs in its quarterly report.

Industry commentators and blogs have pointed out the humorous product difference: Crocs Cayman are a $50 rubber footwear, Porsche’s Cayman is $122,200 coupe. Online opinion suggests many consumers believe Porsche is overreacting and Crocs may have been well advised to simply rename the line in Germany.

The court case follows Porsches recent announcement of their first sedan, Panamera.

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