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CNET In Your Pocket


CNET In Your Pocket


The latest in consumer technology news and reviews has now landed on your mobile with the launch of CNET in Your Pocket – an innovative new mobi-site that puts instant access to pricing, specs and hard-hitting editorial reviews into the hands of the digital consumer; anywhere, anytime.

CNET in Your Pocket is the first consumer technology and digital lifestyle focused mobile site to launch in Australia, making it easy for those interested in technology to read about the latest in breaking consumer technology news and learn how to make the most of their tech purchases.

“Today’s mobile user is not just making calls and texting from their mobile handset; they’re interacting with online communities and accessing information on the go,” said Wendy Hogan, VP and managing director, CNET Networks Australia. “With CNET.com.au’s resources going mobile, CNET fans and digital-savvy consumers will now be able to cross check the facts on the products they’re considering in-store, with comparative pricing also giving them the power to bargain on price. What we’re really offering is a unique service for a new generation of connected consumers.”

CNET in Your Pocket covers a broad range of categories, some of the most popular being: Mobile phones, TVs, digital cameras, laptops, MP3 players, software, CarTech, and games.


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