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Cokes ad hottest at Winter Olympics


Cokes ad hottest at Winter Olympics


Ipsos has awarded Coca-Cola, Birds Eye and AAMI gold, silver and bronze medals respectively for their advertising during the broadcast of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The study reviewed the performance of 40 different TVCs over the course of the broadcast. The research measured awareness, recognition, branding and impact on consumers with regard to relevance and persuasion.

Interestingly, Ipsos reports that none of the top 10 ads from the Winter Olympics were Olympic themed, juxtaposed with the Beijing games where two of the top three TVCs were. Of the 40 ads tested from the Winter games, only two were Olympic themed.

“During the 2008 Beijing Games Coca-Cola aired a specifically themed ad ‘Bird’s Nest’ which only ranked 43 out of 60,” said Ipsos ASI executive director Peter Fairbrother. “However, the company took a different stance this time by showing its feel good ‘Summer’ ad. This ad is superbly branded and goes to show that Olympic sponsorship and Olympic themed creative is not a sure fire way to guarantee advertising success.”

Ipsos report a standout comparison between Summer and Winter Olympic advertising being the respective computer sponsors, Lenovo and Acer. Lenovo ranked second during the Beijing games, while Acer only made number 28. Ipsos indicate this was due to Lenovo’s stronger integration of product and message. Acer’s brand linkage was “deemed below average and there was also brand confusion.”

Top 10 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics TVCs

  1. Summer for Coke
  2. Birds 45 Sec for Birds Eye
  3. AAMI Safe Driver for AAMI
  4. Chanting Big Mac for McDonalds
  5. Ford Territory for Ford
  6. Meadow Lea Small Things for Goodman Fielder
  7. John West Salmon for John West/Simplot
  8. Panadol Optisorb for GlaxoSmithKline
  9. Cricket for Kirks
  10. White Water Rafting for Bundaberg Beer

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