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Collaboration driving enterprise web 2.0 adoption


Collaboration driving enterprise web 2.0 adoption


A new study, conducted by Hydrasight, has found almost a third of respondents indicated they had enterprise web 2.0 implementations in place.

Furthermore, less than 5% of those in business-oriented roles believe enterprise web 2.0 will not be important to their organisation. More than half confirmed the software is considered a ‘must have’ at some point. Approximately 10% had no deployment intentions or plans.

The study revealed the top three enterprise web 2.0 applications are wikis, blogs and collaborative document management. Hydrasight believes the popularity of publishing related approaches indicates organisations are looking to streamline content production, knowledge availability and information dissemination.

Approximately 45% of respondents stated they had already deployed wiki technology within their enterprise, while only 36% utilised blogs.

The report suggested that a juxtaposition of public and enterprise web 2.0 technology is causing continuing concern among organisations, fear of reduced employee productivity being given as an example.

“Enterprise web 2.0 is a rich and complex matrix of cultural influences, sensitivities and considerations. This applies not only to individual regions within Asia Pacific but also in different organisations within the same or similar regions and industries. Adoption of the technology therefore varies as a result. Our preliminary survey results indicate that Asia Pacific organisations continue to have different views and drivers (compared to North American organisations) and that the cultural differences are both regional and organisation specific. Not all organisations will, or should, approach enterprise web 2.0 the same way,” said John Brand, research director at Hydrasight.

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