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Concern study rates Aussies high


Concern study rates Aussies high


A lack of respect for both other people and public property are two of the most common concerns raised by Australians in a report on Australian concerns.

According to the reports commissioner Ogilvy, the study ‘What’s Keeping Australians Up at Night’ was designed to discover what issues were concerning Australians, rate the level of concern and measure how much control we felt over those concerns, ranging from relationships, juggling work and life, ageing, health and well being, technology, food, finances, security and government.

“We’ve coined the term ‘one kilometre phenomenon’. We read headlines and know what’s happening on a global and national scale, but it’s those issues that are closest to us – people in the street and our community – that’s keeping us awake at night,” said John Studdert, managing director for Ogilvy PR.

According to the study, the top six most commonly shared cause for concern were:

  • How disrespectful people are of public property (67%)
  • The growing lack of respect and consideration for others (65%)
  • That companies are charging me to pay my bills (61%)
  • That children today are exposed to things prematurely as a result of the internet and TV (60%)
  • The poor customer service from international call centres (58%), and
  • The rising cost of groceries (57%).

Australian men and women feel the same when it comes to relationship concerns, indicated the study, along with the level of control they feel over them. Of those surveyed, 22% said that ‘I constantly feel as though I have to please other people’, with 18% concerned that they ‘feel I have to try and fit in with people all the time’.

“Measuring both concern and control delivered a new layer of insight that basic polling rarely uncovers,” explained Mike Daniels, managing partner of Ogilvy & Mather.

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