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Context, value and competence crucial for mobile campaigns: study


Context, value and competence crucial for mobile campaigns: study


To play in the mobile space, brands must be competent, use location and offer an exchange of tangible value, according to Millward Brown.

The researcher conducted a global ‘AdReaction 2012′ study finding brands are welcome on smartphones and tablets when they align to broader mobile benefits, and generally have more impact on all brand metrics than online ads.

Awareness of ads in particular was found the be much higher on mobile than desktop at 17.3% compared to 4.0%, while message association was 7.8% higher and purchase intent 3.1% higher.

Acceptance of mobile advertising among consumers has been a point of discussion in the industry as it grows, with some consumers are happy to tolerate them while other find them annoying. Millward Brown found most mobile users will tolerate mobile ads, particularly on tablets where they are less of a disruption to experience, while some more actively embrace them.

Around two in five are happy to see ads on mobile websites or apps as long as access remains free. One in three are happy to share their location to get more relevant services and offers.

When asked acceptance of different ad units, variation between different formats is minimal, apart from news feed posts, for which 35% felt ‘very favourable’ or ‘favourable’. Mobile search ads, augmented reality, and mobile display ads, while they are less favourable towards SMS, video ads, in-app ads and music player ads all ranged from between 20% to 25% for acceptance levels.

In terms of response to mobile ads, website visitation was the most common action sparked by viewing an ad, conducted by 33% of viewers. In addition, 31% searched for a brand, while 19% looked for a brand in store and 14% claim they went on to purchase the brand as a result of the ad.

However, above all, respect for the mobile audience and platform will ensure a constructive future for mobile marketers, the study concludes. Relevance, engagement, surprise, delight, exchange and context are crucial elements for successful mobile campaigns.



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