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Copy Corner: Writing for the web 101


Copy Corner: Writing for the web 101


When writing for the web, dont write for readers, but write for scanners. Make sure you are as concise as possible.

  • Make sentences short and to the point
  • Avoid long blocks of text. Each paragraph should be about a specific idea
  • Use headers and subheads so that scanners can navigate information easily
  • Use bulleted/numbered copy whenever possible

Make headers meaningful

Headers and subheads are where eyes go first.

Your headlines must:

  • Make sense as stand-alone elements
  • Meaningfully convey the content of the text that follows
  • Be dynamic and wherever possible contain a benefit

You might have a heading that says simply ‘Our services’ but if you slip a benefit in there, then scanners will get a stronger message. So instead of ‘Our services ‘ it might read ‘Our 24-hour services’ and suddenly with very little extra space you have included a relevant benefit.

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