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Corbis partners up with legendary Maysles Films


Corbis partners up with legendary Maysles Films


Recognised for making some of the worlds best known documentaries and character studies including Gimme Shelter, Meet Marlon Brando, With Love from Truman, Salesman, and Grey Gardens, the Maysles brothers have captivated audiences around the world for more than 50 years.

Corbis is re-mastering many of the films as well as unexpected outtakes and personal footage into high quality HD video that may be licensed quickly and easily through Corbis Motion or a Corbis customer service representative. Many of the outtakes were experiments taken during the filming and reveal new insight into the riveting documentaries. Corbis Motion will make several hundred clips from films and footage available for preview on its website over the coming months.

As a documentarian, my efforts are directed at fostering public discourse and encouraging better understanding of humanity. I have spent a lifetime uncovering the power of the truth and romance of discovery, and through this collaboration with Corbis we can happily spread the reach of these works, said Albert Maysles.

Two of Americas foremost non-fiction filmmakers, Albert Maysles and his brother David Maysles (1932-1987) are recognized as pioneers of direct cinema, the American version of French cinema verité. They earned their distinguished reputations by being the first to make non-fiction feature films that capture the complexity of human life without scripts, sets or narration.

The Maysles are simply among the most talented American documentarians and have given the world an unforgettable cultural legacy, said Skip dAmico, director of motion, Corbis. The addition of this work speaks to the quality, sophistication and uniqueness of the Corbis Motion collection.

Clips from the films will be available for both editorial and commercial use. All uses will require appropriate rights clearances, which can be handled by Corbis Rights Services.

Among the films to be re-mastered over the next 24 months are Meet Marlon Brando, With Love from Truman, Salvador Dali’s Fantastic Dream, Psychiatry in Russia, Showman, McGovern, Russian Close Up, Orson Welles in Spain, Salesman, Umbrellas and Grey Gardens.

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