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Correlation between online presence and brand power?


Correlation between online presence and brand power?


A study by Sysomos has analysed the online presence of the top 20 brands from Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands List’.

Where Interbrand’s list ranks brands using financial data, international scope and economic value added, Sysomos evaluated the brands based on their online presence for the same period. Of those analysed, Google was the most mentioned, ranked seventh in Interbrand’s report, trailed by Apple – twentieth on Interbrand.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s Interbrand rank and its number of mentions matched at third position in both categories. Measured by mentions, the fastest growing brand is Gillette.

There was little correlation between sentiment and positioning on Interbrand’s list. For example, McDonald’s had the highest negative sentiment (ahead of Marlboro and Toyota) and came in at sixth on Interbrand’s report. Samsung had the highest positive sentiment, yet was 19th in ‘Best Global Brands’.

Sysomos said it is unsurprising that consumer electronics and computer services ranked highly in terms of positive sentiment and most mentions.

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