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Hollywood closes in on celeb Twitter freedom

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Hollywood closes in on celeb Twitter freedom


Hollywood execs are moving in on celebrities, imposing restrictions designed to prevent news from leaking out of celebrity Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Studios like Disney and DreamWorks are adding clauses to contracts that prevent talent from sharing confidential information or pre-empting a studio press release via social media sites, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Until relatively recently, getting an ill-advised word out to the wider public required a TV camera or a gossip columnist; social media eliminates the middleman and enables an actor to broadcast to millions in an instant,” states a report that appeared in the The Hollywood Reporter.

Confidentiality is already implied in many contracts, but apparently with news being leaked via social media accounts, execs feel that specific clauses are now required.

Some recent celebrity Twitter-versies have entangled Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen and former presidential candidate John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, who posted a racy Twitpic of herself.

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