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Cottee’s tells Australia to “chill” after reports of its demise


Cottee’s tells Australia to “chill” after reports of its demise


Cottee’s cordials are here to stay, says Schweppes, addressing media reports its says are inaccurate that claimed Cottee’s was closing its doors after nearly 90 years.

“The fact is our iconic brand isn’t going anywhere,” the company said in a statement, which follows:

“We will continue to manufacture in Australia as we always have, and will continue to look at ways to improve and innovate our brand and products. In fact, Cottee’s is the only mainstream cordial brand that is actively investing in the future of the cordial category (through media and innovation).

“Cottee’s cordial recognises there is a consumer trend towards selecting healthier foods and beverages. That’s why we began reducing sugar content years ago and we offer a range of choices to consumers, including classic fruit and flavoured, no added sugar, and sugar free varieties.

“Cottee’s is looking forward to being a part of family celebrations for Australians for many years to come. We appreciate the loyalty of our Aussie consumers and thank them for getting behind the brand and sharing their overwhelmingly positive comments. We hope you enjoy our new ad and can rest easy knowing that we aren’t going anywhere!”


The trouble appears to have started with a News.com.au article citing Nielsen Homescan data. It claimed sales had “collapsed”, with a headline reading “Death of an icon” and naming Cottee’s specifically. The article doesn’t include any comment from Schweppes or inside sources, so the public outcry appears to be the result of over-dramatic interpretations by news outlets running further articles based on the original post.

The Nielsen Homescan data wasn’t about Cottee’s specifically, anyway, but the cordial category in general.

It may be a challenging trend for Schweppes, but for anyone making the leap from evidence of category decline immediately to official and final discontinuation of the leading brand, “chill” is probably the best advice, indeed.

Not that Schweppes will probably mind too much. Public outpourings of love for an iconic yet ageing brand works wonders for reminding customers of their love for the product.

Cottees Schweppes just chill



Peter Roper

Editor of Marketing and Marketing Mag from 2013 to 2017. Tweets as @pete_arrr.

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