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Cowboys beware – mobile ad guidelines released


Cowboys beware – mobile ad guidelines released


The Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) recently released the 2009 Australian Mobile Advertising Guidelines.

Consulting with the Mobile Marketing Association, carriers, publishers and content providers/aggregators, AIMIA produced the guide in line with international standards, while accounting for the idiosyncrasies of the domestic market. The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia also lent their endorsement to the guidelines.

Released first in 2007, AIMIA indicate that the guidelines aim to support the industry in its development and uptake. Updates included moving from fixed ratios to aspect ratios for display advertising, as well as individual specifications for iPhone and BlackBerry. Guides for text length, design and mobile channels were also incorporated.

Creative guidelines were also laid down for the channel, ranging from channel specific (suggesting not to use flash, as it is still widely unsupported) to generic (consider multiple creative executions to maintain top-of-mind freshness).

Chair of AIMIA’s Mobile Industry Group, Jennifer Wilson, projected that there would be strong growth.

“We expect mobile advertising to grow by around 150% to 200% this year, with the market valued somewhere between $10 million and $15 million. The 2009 Australian Mobile Advertising Guidelines will help support the growth of the mobile advertising industry within Australia,” said Wilson.

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