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MySpace Mobile targets its AdSpace


MySpace Mobile targets its AdSpace


MySpace Mobile’s m-site will begin targeting its advertising based on gender, age and eventually postcode.

The social network’s mobile initiative receives 340,000 unique visitors per month accessing 85 million page impressions. The average time spent browsing an m-site is significantly higher than standard web browsing with an average MySpace Mobile visit lasting 11-15 minutes.

MySpace Mobile aims to offer marketers and advertisers two packages: a weekly package with a CPM charge and a microsite package including brand m-site development and promotion.

The company’s m-site retains much of the usability of its progenitor: allowing users to send messages, view profiles, browse/upload photos, update/view status and mood, approve friend requests, read blogs and search for people.

Andrew Cordwell, national sales director for MySpace.com explained MySpace’s consumer strategy:

“From targeted display and rich media advertising on a PC, to offline events such as MySpace Secret Shows or Black Curtains, and now the addition of mobile advertising, sees MySpace truly embedded into every aspect of a consumers lives.”

Digital researcher eMarketer forecasts 800 million people will access social networks via mobile by 2012. Although Australians have tended to rely on applications and carrier WAP portals to access m-sites, open mobile internet usage is on the rise.

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