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Customer resistance to change is a major problem for B2B online sales


Customer resistance to change is a major problem for B2B online sales


B2B commerce continued to struggle to gain substantial revenue through digital commerce in 2015, a recent study by Accenture Interactive has found.

Half of the 50 US-based senior digital and eCommerce professionals who participated in the study said their B2B organisations receive less than 10% of their revenue from online sales.

The main barrier hindering the drive of online sales was found to be customer resistance. Long term customers are typically reluctant to change and as such pose a major obstacle to increased online revenue. This is a significant barrier; 64% of the B2B organisations who particpated in the study indicated that customer resistance to change was the number one obstacle preventing an increase in the area.

Additionally it was found that customers don’t always consistently use online buying options, therefore making it difficult for companies to identify and target buying habits.

However the study suggests many B2B organisations aren’t providing the area with the support it needs to flourish, with many still reluctant to embrace online sales and some sales organisations resistant to driving customers online.

Despite the struggle for growth in the area, there are multiple options for companies to utilise technology, boost eCommerce and see substantial growth through online sales.

Currently the top tactic used by organisations  to promote eCommerce is email. 92% of respondents indicated that they rely on email to promote online sales. Mailers with links to products and promotions are also heavily relied on (86%), as is phone support (84%).

These have proven to be successful strategies when it comes to promoting eCommerce, however it’s vital for organisations to continue to create new ways to gain further reach and as such have long term strategies in place to grow online sales.

The top three tactics participants were looking to implement over the next two years are; internal sales contests (31%), updated eCommerce websites (30%) and client-branded online stores (29%).

As eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid rate, it’s never been more vital for organisations to make their digital presence a major part of the business.








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