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Design leads to increased sales


Design leads to increased sales


Design Victoria has launched a new resource, Demystifying Design, which aims to equip businesses with design knowledge.

The resource is available for download and features a collection of case studies on Victorian businesses that have recently worked with a designer in their organisation. Each case study provides insight into the design process including why design expertise was sought, the working relationship between the business and designer, key milestones, the final design outcome, and the business results and benefits.

“Demystifying Design demonstrates how design factors into business strategies – to expand domestic and international markets, transform a service, reach new markets or attract capital investment – to assist business to achieve strong, positive outcomes,” said Michele Azzopardi, director of Design Victoria.

Design Victoria give the example of Mountain Goat Beer: soon after rolling out its new brand identity, it reported the biggest packaged sales month in its history. “We knew our brand had to be realigned with the quality of our beer so that it could sit comfortably on the shelves of both upmarket and mainstream establishments,” said Cameron Hines, co-founder/owner of Mountain Goat Beer.

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