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Do we need marketers?


Do we need marketers?


Where will it end, this constant blurring of the lines between us and them, the smelly public.

This blog is further evidence of our fundamental interdependence. We marketers write, they write. Who is they and who is us anymore?

We are blending together into a mass of postulating self-connected human genome mass. We wrap ourselves around the globe. A collective thinking, like the Borg, 4 of 9. Forcing ourselves ever closer, ever more whole and one. An algal bloom setting, taking grip. squeezing the life out of the very thing that carries us in our journey spinning across the empty ether.

As we breed up to eventually cover every square centimetre of this sorry planet will we marketers become more important, more critical to societys balance? Only with maximum efficiency in the use of resources will we survive for another hundred years.

Will we marketers begin to be recognised as the communication wires of the brain – allowing the human virus to speak to itself – to feed itself, clothe itself, keep itself alive? God knows only with effective marketing will one half not murder the other. (The more I look at the festering religious war, the more I know its a marketing problem first and foremost.)

Will marketers one day, perhaps very soon, be recognised as the connecting optical fibre of society? Or the reverse; seen as a poisonous profession, whose demise might just see the species succeed? How will history way beyond us, judge our calling?

Are we necessary, vital? Would the human machine do better without us at its communication core? What about Tax Lawyers? Accountants? Insurance assessors?


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