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Domino’s launches automotive campaign as its fleet spreads across America


Domino’s launches automotive campaign as its fleet spreads across America


Domino’s customised pizza delivery vehicle has been a big success since we reported on it last year. In fact it’s been such a success that the pizza giant has unveiled a new campaign and competition in which one of the company’s stores will win their very own Pizza Delivery Expert (DXP) vehicle.

The competition allows customers in the United States to log onto the DXP website and nominate the specific store they think deserves the car. The store with the most votes wins the vehicle.

The new campaign features two TVCs and aims to mimic automotive marketing.


The specially-designed vehicles have a multitude of features, including a warming oven, increased space to house up to 80 pizzas and purposely designed round wheels, apparently inspired by pizza.

The brand and its agency, CP+B unveiled the DXP last October and deployed 97 vehicles at Domino’s stores across the United States, edging close to the goal of 100 that the company set upon unveiling the car.

The making of the DXP took more than three years, during which concepts were initially gauged through an online crowd sourcing design competition and later refined by industry experts.

An agency spokesperson says that there has been so much interest in the DXP from Domino’s storeowners that it’s working to put more cars on the road this year with a goal of making the DXP a household name.


It’s not the first time the company has used the cars as part of a competition. Following the launch of the fleet in 2012, Domino’s held a social media competition where people who spotted the DXP on the road could share the sighting via social media by using the hashtag #DXP.

Pizza delivery makes up a significant part of Domino’s core business. In the US alone the company delivers around 400 million pizzas a year, with delivery drivers covering roughly 10 million miles each week.



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