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Dunlop Volleys – from fart noises to far away places…


Dunlop Volleys – from fart noises to far away places…


Remember the bloke making fart songs with his hands? His name was Gerry Phillips and he was the star of a very well constructed TVC brand execution around Dunlop Volleys being ‘exceptionally average’. Whilst that is true, the ads themselves were far from average and the concept spot on in regard to the markets brand image of the shoe.

My guess however is that despite this terrific creative piece, the overall effect of the TVC may not have worked as well as hoped. I imagine that Gerry Phillips (late 40 and the guy in the world who looks most like the father from American Pie) may not have helped steer the hearts and minds of the teenage market segment that is probably the shoe’s primary target market.

So what to do you say? I know, how about we get agencies all over the world to develop a TVC about Dunlop Volleys in their local language and featuring whatever creative concept would work in their part of the world, and then air it on Australian television without any form of set-up or interpretation? Terrible idea, but you did it anyway…

Now, advertising boffins will argue that the TVCs are effective due to the use of the completion theory of advertising (people see something, dont understand it and then are inspired to ‘complete’ the mental concept in order to feel satisfied). I tend to disagree saying that the ads appear to be self-indulgent and relevant to very few. Here is my rationale:

1. Yes the ads grab attention because no other ad on television right now speaks to us in another language. However grabbing our attention in this way is simply annoying and provides little reason for us to investigate further.

2. People we have surveyed simply don’t get it and wonder what Dunlop Volley are thinking…also my sentiment.

3. Completion theory works when people have a reason to explore a brand further. The TVC provides no explanation or incentive to relate further to the brand.

4. For the majority of this market, the ads position Dunlop Volley as amateur and try-hard.


If you are going after Gen Y with a grassroots-style, TVC / digital concept, do more with the TVCs and also more with your web follow-up. The TVCs rely on people googling the website to ‘complete’ the mental picture. Right now there is an enormous conceptual leap between the TVC and going your computer and typing ‘Dunlop Volley Ad’….I was more inclined to yell ‘self interested dickheads’ at the TV and then write stuff like this so others can also lobby the brand to lift its game.


To view the campaign in question visit here.


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