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Dymocks pays up for Borders and Angus & Robertson vouchers


Dymocks pays up for Borders and Angus & Robertson vouchers


In an opportunistic move, reminiscent of Nando’s effort honoring cancelled Grill’d two-for-one vouchers, book chain Dymocks is offering Borders and Angus & Robertson voucher holders 1,000 points for their rewards program.
Borders and Angus & Robertson recently made headlines for going into administration and changing the terms of customer gift voucher claims, demanding holders spend double the amount of their card’s value in order to redeem them.
Dymocks will also reward loyal customers by giving double rewards club points for every purchase made this weekend.
“This offer is to reassure Australians that the Dymocks group is strong and remains committed to providing books to people who enjoy reading them and rewarding our loyal customers,” Dymocks CEO Don Grover says.
Managing director of PR agency The Reputation Group, Lelde McCoy says a move like this results in great vibes for Dymocks, and isn’t seen as exploitative.

“This is a smart move by Dymocks,” McCoy tells Marketing mag. “It would be seen as clever marketing rather than taking advantage of a competitor in a bad situation.  The Dymocks offer shows goodwill to book lovers and gives them the clear message that they want their business and will look after them. The only issue is whether they acted fast enough in making the offer, as those people who have already taken their vouchers to Borders and spent extra in addition to their vouchers will feel disenfranchised. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent way to build brand reputation, and to be seen to care about your market.”

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