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Elevating your campaigns with Uber Eats vouchers

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Elevating your campaigns with Uber Eats vouchers


Creating memorable customer experiences has become a top priority for any successful marketer. One pandemic-safe option that has gained popularity is showing appreciation with a Voucher to cover the cost of a trip or a meal.

The way we reach and market to our customers and prospects has changed since COVID-19. More marketers are turning to online solutions for unique ways to engage, retain and reward their audiences. Marketing strategies that worked before might need a little tweaking, but a good way to stand out is to offer something unique to your customers.

One way to help acquire new business or encourage returning customers is through appreciation efforts, like providing an Uber Voucher for rides or meals through Uber Eats. With Vouchers, companies can cover the cost of trips or meals, helping to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

Create memorable customer experiences

Customers come back to the businesses that surprise and delight. Vouchers can help deliver one-of-kind experiences that do just that. Use them to incentivise high-value purchases or as a benefit in a rewards program. Provide rides to prospective clients, or help current customers get around more easily. Offer meals to help increase engagement at virtual events or just to show appreciation to loyal users.

Samsung Canada teamed up with Uber for Business to give their customers a reward for purchasing a Galaxy device. Instead of offering a typical price discount, they provided greater value for potential customers in the form of $100 worth of Uber Eats credit. 

The feedback was overwhelming from customers, they saw a 20 percent increase in mobile device sales—30 percent higher than originally forecast—and customers were excited about getting a meaningful bonus with their purchase of the device.

Easily customise and scale a program 

The versatile nature of Uber Vouchers also makes it simple to help achieve your business goals, like increasing foot traffic to a physical location, driving online sales, or simply acquiring new customers. Once Uber Vouchers are created, send them instantly by text, email, or other channels. Recipients can then seamlessly redeem them by clicking on a link and using them at checkout in their Uber and Uber Eats apps. 

Exercise full control 

The Uber for Business dashboard makes it simple to implement specific Vouchers parameters that fit your exact needs, such as campaign timing or location, spending caps, or order amount limits. For actionable insights, the dashboard provides all the necessary information in one place. You can track voucher usage and costs in real time, allowing you to make educated decisions on the future of the campaign. You’ll also only pay for what gets redeemed, making it easy to stay within cost boundaries.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from Uber Vouchers, contact the Uber for Business team.


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