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Experiential campaign yields results says oOh!media


Experiential campaign yields results says oOh!media


Research released by oOh!media has found an increase in the effectiveness of experiential marketing in the retail environment, with 92% of consumers wanting more product sampling to help them with purchasing decisions.

The research was based on a recent experiential campaign for an FMCG brand, and involved one-to-one surveys in eight locations in Sydney and Melbourne, conducted by research company Marketbeat.

Kelly McIlwraith, oOh!media general manager of strategy, indicated that following consumer engagement with the product, 41% for those surveyed said they would tell their friends about the product, while a further 68% said they would go and buy the product today or in the near future.

“Personal engagement with consumers not only helps promote positive attitudes toward a brand, but can influence purchase intent whilst consumers are in the shopping centre ready to buy. It’s the difference between just telling people about the features of a product or service and actually letting them experience the benefits for themselves,” said McIlwrath.

“For example, if a consumer sees a TV ad for a new breakfast cereal, while it may appeal to them right there and then, by the time they get to the shopping centre, their interest in the product may have decreased or been replaced by interest in a different product.”

Other findings of the research included:

  • 87% of consumers agreed that it makes them feel good about the brand 
  • 80% agreed that it influences them to buy other products by that brand
  • 44% of consumers were drawn to the activation, being invited by the staff to trial the product, and
  • 89% of consumers agreed that the sampling allows them to experience the product before buying it.

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