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Fighting the effects of age


Fighting the effects of age


Campaign: Olay launches iPhone app

Client: Procter & Gamble

Agency: Arnold Furnace





UV damage is one of the leading causes of ageing among women. In Australia/New Zealand’s climate, SPF protection is important year round, though interest peaks during summer. To help women combat ageing and protect themselves from the harsh effects of the sun, Olay launched an iPhone app, the Olay UV Monitor, that provides location based live UV ratings and weather information, sun care tips and a personalised SPF product recommendation to help women protect their skin and prevent the effects of ageing.


Olay offers the widest range of moisturisers with SPF* and sought to drive awareness of this competitive difference beyond the shelf. Built on the insight that women equate sun exposure to ageing, Arnold Furnace kept messaging very simple across various media by showcasing Olay’s wide range of products. Yet to create impact and disruption, we needed to drive relevance through engagement.

In conjunction with an awareness driving campaign across TV, outdoor and digital media, mobile presented the optimal platform to communicate with women through contextually relevant messages. For on-the-go consumers, the Olay UV Monitor was instrumental in getting consumers to engage with the brand at a time when they are actively seeking skincare protection, summer.

Our solution: the Olay UV Monitor, an app to arm consumers with the tools and information needed to protect their skin.

*Based on AZTAC data MAT to June 2010


Each person’s skin is different. Olay recognizes this need by offering a variety of products with SPF ranging from 15+ to 30+. The Olay UV Monitor provides personalised consultations for consumers to determine which moisturiser is right for them. This takes into account factors such as age, skin type, complexion, skincare need, and daily sun exposure. Women can then get customised product solutions plus in depth information about each product and where to buy.

Real-time information also provides up to the minute updates on the UV rating and weather across cities in Australia and New Zealand. Streamed updates and practical skincare tips from the brand regarding sun and skincare tips provide a reason for consumers to revisit the app.



Consumers can engage with the app in a number of ways, including:

  • Accessing live weather & UV data for Australia/New Zealand
  • Obtaining practical skincare tips relevant to the weather conditions in their area
  • Taking a personal skincare consultation tool to receive a customised Olay recommendation for an SPF moisturiser
  • Receiving more information on products to determine if they want to purchase
  • Links to eCommerce to actually purchase the product
  • Obtaining credible reviews from Olay ambassadors.

Project Marketing

In addition to a 360 awareness driving campaign of Olay’s SPF product range, Arnold Furnace used a variety of tools to drive app downloads.

Mobile advertising, blogger activity, Facebook advertising and communication through earned and owned properties such as Facebook, olay.com.au / olay.co.nz, and eCRM all contributed to driving downloads of the app.







Since its launch in November 2010, the app has been downloaded 8,000 times and was rated #7 in Apple’s top ten weather apps.

It has also been awarded ‘Best Multi-Channel Integrated Marketing Campaign’ at the 2011 Australia Mobile Awards.


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