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Time to ask for that pay rise


Time to ask for that pay rise


Do you get paid enough? How much do your peers make? And more importantly – is it time you ask for a pay rise? Salary talk is often a taboo subject, kept secret from even some of your nearest and dearest. But when its time to step up and ask for more, is your request justifiable?

Before you prepare that grand speech to take into a meeting with your boss, jump on Firebrand Talent Search’s newly launched website http://esalarysurvey.com, a salary comparison portal for the marketing, creative and digital industry, to find out if what you’re getting is below, on par with, or way above the industry average.

According to Greg Savage, global CEO of Firebrand, the site differs from other salary comparisons because information on esalarysurvey.com is obtained from information entered by other users. Built specifically for industry professionals in Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK, the website has already attracted many entries since launching 15 days ago, and Savage believes it to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date salary database available.

“We are the first global company specialising in marketing, creative and digital recruitment to take the concept of the traditional paper-based salary survey to a whole new level of usefulness. We realised that there is a real trend online for people to freely exchange valuable information and this concept strategically taps into that trend”.

The website relies on anonymous information given by website visitors on their roles and salaries, and in return, visitors are given access to all the salary information shared by other members of the community.

The site also makes use of the median, instead of the average, to report cumulative salary results, which lessens the impact of ‘extreme’ salary entries and broad salary ranges.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response to the site so far,” explains Savage, “People have contacted us to say how cool it is to finally have access to a salary resource that considers more than just a person’s job title and location. For example, one can search for data on a person’s years of work experience, the number of people that report to them, their highest level of education, and the size and industry of the firm they work for”.

“As salary entries to the site continue to grow each day beyond the 12,000 salaries already captured, our hope is that the site becomes a rich and indispensable research resource that is continually referred to by marketing, creative and digital job seekers, current employees and employers alike.”

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