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First figures on digital radio


First figures on digital radio


Six months after launch, Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has released the first official data on digital radio.

The figures relate to the five metropolitan capitals: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Across these cities there are 449,000 people listening to digital radio in an average week, with 104,000 digital radios in the market.

“The market information in the Digital Radio Industry Report has exceeded the industry’s initial expectations. Initial predictions were up to 50,000 receivers sold in the first 12 months. Permanent high power digital radio services have only been on air for a short time and we are very pleased with these initial results,” said CRA CEO Joan Warner. “The report gives us a basis on which to work for the continued marketing, promotion, development and growth of digital radio across Australia.”

The report’s main findings were:

  • 63% of Australians are aware that DAB+ digital radio has launched in Australia
  • 38% of people in metropolitan areas are likely to purchase a digital radio in the next 12 months.
  • 80% of people who own a digital radio would recommend it to a friend
  • 69% of people who own a digital radio believe it has delivered on expectations
  • 74% of people are willing to spend between $50-$200 for a digital radio device, and
  • 71% of digital radio owners purchased for the digital quality sound.

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