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Gender pay gap narrowing


Gender pay gap narrowing


The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has released findings on gender pay differentials.

The survey found that despite narrowing, the gap was still unacceptably wide and is broadest at the chief executive level. The report found that female CEOs earn 16.4% less than their male counterparts, a divide that narrowed by 2% in the past year. General managers face a 12.5% gap, which again narrowed in the last year by 0.8%.

Within sales and marketing the pay differential is still very wide at 10.6%. The gap in these fields is wider than the average of 10.2%, down from 10.6%. The differential reduces in line with job level, but a divide of 6.2% still exists among support staff.

While it is encouraging that this report shows some progress being made in large corporations and professional organisations in relation to the gender pay gap, we must not lose sight of the fact that it still exists in most industries, and is one of the factors contributing to women’s inequality across their lifetime. The report acts as further evidence that more action is needed, said sex discrimination commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

The report analysed data collected from 759 organisations from across Australia.

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