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Google fast risers: iPad, Woolworths top search list


Google fast risers: iPad, Woolworths top search list


Today Google released its first ever brand zeitgeist, reporting the top brand-related searches over the last year.

iPad ad came up trumps as the fastest rising advertising campaign search term, proving it was again the year of Apple dominance. On the surface of it, you would assume KFC would be happy with coming in at second place, but the popular search for kfc ad returned a widely criticized cricket season commercial, which shows a white man sedating West Indian fans with fried chicken.

Woolworths proved their move in to online shopping was well timed, coming in at number one for fastest rising retailer.

The fastest rising Google Maps search results were a tad bizarre; parents couldnt decide whether they wanted to nurse their kids back to health, with Eastbrooke Family Clinic taking the top spot, or lock them up, with juvinile centre (spelt incorrectly) coming in second. Furniture retailer Nick Scali and pizza joint Little Caesers also made it in the top ten.

“Australians are online and they’re looking for your brand and your business, Google Australia’s sales industry lead Will Easton said. You need to be online to respond to their interest and convert these consumers into customers. The savviest Australian marketers are incorporating online advertising – whether it’s search, display, video, or even mobile – into their plans from the start and making sure that their online ads are engaging Australians in real dialogue.”

Fastest rising Google searches for advertising campaigns
1. ipad ad
2. kfc ad
3. libra invisible ad
4. mazda ad
5. old spice ad
6. brut ad
7. kia ad
8. aami ad
9. qantas ad
10. perfect italiano ad

Fastest rising Google searches for retailers

1. woolworths online shopping
2. urban outfitters
3. shopbop
4. saks fifth avenue
5. dfo south wharf
6. nordstrom
7. rubi shoes
8. graysonline
9. zara
10. walmart

Fastest rising searches on Google Maps

1. eastbrooke family clinic
2. juvinile center
3. little caesars
4. the bicycle entrepreneur
5. the electric discounter
6. mt everest
7. tour eiffel
8. hawthorn town hall
9. nick scali
10. sbs federation square

Fastest rising Google searches for Australian brands

1. abc3
2. jetstar.com.au
3. bendigo bank
4. nrl
5. realestate.com.au
6. whereis.com.au
7. masterchef
8. graysonline
9. anz.com.au
10. afl

Google reveals the internet eitgeist (German for he spirit of the times) through an exploration of the billions of search queries they receive each year.

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