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Growth in emerging media ads


Growth in emerging media ads


In further evidence that online video game ads, blogs and text messages are gaining influence with electronics consumers, especially in that all-important 18 to 34-year-old demographic, a study by the National Retail Federation and BIGresearch in the US has shown that online video game ads influenced 14% of all electronics purchases made by this particular demographic.

According to an article in Ad Age, blogs, at 11% influence, held a slight edge over text messaging ads, which influenced 9% of electronics purchases made by this group.

This is an issue that Marketing has covered previously, when it was revealed that the Obama 08 campaign had paid for a number of ads in 18 of Microsoft‘s Xbox Live games services.

“As new technology places itself on the market, (it) is diverting attention from the typical newspaper and magazine advertisements,” says Pamela Goodfellow, senior analyst at BIGresearch.

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