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2008 Retail Marketing Survival Guide comes to town


2008 Retail Marketing Survival Guide comes to town


Whether you’re selling butter or BMWs, retail marketing is a tough field to play.

Keen to help readers conquer the marketing challenges of this highly competitive space, the team at Marketing is pleased to announce the release of a special Retail Marketing Survival Guide covering the full spectrum of retail today.

This major reference complements the highly popular Survival Guide annual editions (Digital – 2007, Media – 2006) as a must-have tool for the retail marketer.

Editorial on best practice case studies across a range of categories plus opinions and advice from leading experts will ensure the Retail Marketing Survival Guide is a valuable addition to the marketing libraries of readers.

CATEGORY ONE: Off the shelf

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) encapsulate all the principles of marketing, from pricing and promotion to size, shape, and ultimately, customer experience. In this section, we dive into the minefield of FMCG marketing and will emerge to bring readers a swag of invaluable opinions, case studies and profiles of this discipline’s finest work.

CATEGORY TWO: Killer kit

It’s all about the label… designer brand marketers know how to create a special sense of allure around everything from low cuts to high heels, light bulbs to floor tiles. We enlighten readers to the magic secrets marketers are using to pump their brands into the spotlight.

CATEGORY THREE: Road warriors

The automobile category is one of the most competitive areas of marketing, made more complicated by the high weighting of environmental and fuel usage coming to the fore in recent years. Savvy marketers are using innovative, highly integrated strategies to push their vehicles to pole position, and we’ll bring readers insightful analyses and best practice examples of effective automobile marketing.

CATEGORY FOUR: Tech warfare

iWhat? Technology is breeding at a ridiculous rate, and consumers are being inundated with a gazillion gadget options every nanosecond. Cutting through the clutter is a marketing art form – in this section, readers will see how the top marketers get results and hear from successful marketers of technology products.

CATEGORY FIVE: Top end of town

There are few areas of business more complex and data-driven than finance, telecommunications and insurance. We’ll look at the latest acquisition and retention strategies, see what channels are yielding
greatest results and talk to leading industry practitioners to bring readers quality advice on marketing these sectors – tips that will prove useful for all marketing disciplines.

CATEGORY SIX: Living it up…

With belts tightening following a sustained period of economic prosperity, marketers of entertainment, travel and leisure face a more difficult task. We investigate who’s doing it well, how they’re doing it and what future trends are emerging in these dynamic but vulnerable industries.

The Retail Marketing Survival Guide is available at leading newsagencies and was distributed complimentary to Marketing magazine subscribers.

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