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Haystac joins global health network


Haystac joins global health network


Haystac’s healthcare division and a number of leading global specialist healthcare communication agencies have announced the formation of the Health Collective Network – an international network dedicated to providing health communication programs with global and local connections.

The formation of the Network will allow members and their clients to draw on the collective expertise of the group and share resources to meet the specialised needs of clients operating in the healthcare sector.

“We are really excited to be a part of the network because it allows us to benefit from insights and knowledge from around the world yet still retain our independence and apply our creativity and experience at a local market level,” said Gemma Hudson, Haystac’s director of healthcare for Australasia.

Seven agencies worldwide are part of the Network, with Haystac responsible for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Communications agencies from the US, UK, Europe and Asia are also members, providing international coverage.

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