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Head honcho of mobile advertising


Head honcho of mobile advertising


Australian software company Broadcaster Media, creator of the mobile marketing application ‘Studio’ have appointed mobile advertising expert Mike Loftus as CEO.

Loftus has more than 20 years of experience leading startups and considerable experience in the mobile advertising space.

Best known for launching the free or advertiser supported directory assistance industry in the US with his previous start up inFreeDA, Loftus was part of the team that transformed today’s directory assistance industry.

Broadcaster Media’s easy implementation, hosted web service, and carrier-independent platform mean advertisers are now free to build their own mobile marketing campaigns in hours instead of weeks.

The interactive content they’ll be able to offer their customers includes color images and graphics, wallpapers, coupons, embedded video, push-to-call and phone-based email.

End users have the unique choice of interacting with the content either in real-time via a WAP site or a download to their mobile handsets. A ‘double opt-in’ feature ensures they only receive information they are interested in.

“But this is only the beginning,” said Loftus. “The SMARTS platform is the foundation for a product family that will let brands extend their reach into consumers’ social networks, interacting with their target audiences at deeper, unprecedented levels. Stay tuned.”

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