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Heineken turns heads with quirky Desperado campaign

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Heineken turns heads with quirky Desperado campaign


Heineken has really leaned into its most unique and creative parts of the marketing strategies as it launches “Pour some unusual on your usual” campaign. The drink itself is the first of its kind. 

A tequila flavoured beer? Quite out of left field for the commonly draught and lager beer brand.

Desperados’ global marketing manager Rutger van der Stegen, reflected on this bizarre approach. “Our aim has always been to create campaigns that ignite unexpected experiences and celebrate those who try new things. Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual does exactly that, with a TVC that is truly an anthem for our brand, embodying Desperados playful character and inspiring viewers to get creative and go for it in life,” says van der Stegen.

The minute-long advertisement is colourful, psychedelic, but a wonderful mental experience. The beer is shown to be inviting the audience to embrace the fun and try new things, enticing viewers with the vibes of the 2016 summer. 

They use this to their advantage, the concept itself would be interesting enough to sell, but the company has garnered a much larger reaction from the public with their absolutely chaotic advertisement. Pop-culture references, trippy imagery and summer imagery aplenty. It leans into the quirks of a completely new concept of beer, “Pour some unusual on your usual” to encourage people to introduce variety in their life, but more in terms of taking a chance on this absolute blind chance from Heineken.

Could the new taste take the world by storm and be the beer of the summer?


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Aidan Vaughan

Aidan Vaughan is a writer for Marketing Magazine.

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