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Home sweet home


Home sweet home


‘How We Live’ explored where Australians draw inspiration from in homes
and gardens, evolving family dynamics and their effect on home life,
the impact of broader societal trends (including environmentalism and
new technologies) and how consumers express themselves through home

The study revealed the following:

  • Australians are at various stages of their environmental journey… and guilt is easily bought with a HUGE flat screen. Successful ‘green’ products offer benefits to the consumer AND the environment; they help save the planet (in baby steps) and consumers expect them to look good, too.
  • Australians love expressing themselves through their home; their travels, family, careers, passions and hobbies. They have a confident eclecticism – and marketers who embrace this are seen as authentic and credible.
  • Space is at a premium, and Australians are multi-skilling their homes and embracing clever ideas to maximise space. Brilliant storage solutions and multi functional living zones are much sought after.
  • The inside is out – and the outside is in. Australians are looking to seamlessly blend the two with lighting, heating and storage solutions as well as clever design and green features.
  • Full convergence (wired homes) is a great idea but an unrealistic experience for most Australians. Consumers need assurance and education when it comes to new technologies.
  • But predict life stages at your peril – we can no longer define consumers demographically. For example maturing homemakers are some of the most progressive consumers, embracing sky-change (trading suburban homes for up-market apartments) close to modern amenities.

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