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IKEA toys tell “eco-friendly” family histories in new campaign

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IKEA toys tell “eco-friendly” family histories in new campaign


IKEA UAE has released a sweet and simple campaign that features its BLÅVINGAD soft toy collection narrating unexpected family histories.

Three short videos in the ‘Where Do They Come From’ campaign via Ogilvy introduce the range of soft toys made from ocean-bound plastic on a very personal level. Each slowly zooms in on a still life of a different sea creature from the soft toy collection placed inside an IKEA-furnished room. 

In accents from around the world, the toys’ human voiceovers tell dramatic stories of their oceanic origins.

“It took me a while to ask my parents about their story,” says the dolphin toy with the Cockney accent.

“I was told they were sailing the big blue aboard a lavish yacht.”

After a while, the tale takes a twist as we find out the romantic meeting was between a plastic straw and a party cup.

“I’m a party cup, I’m a straw. I’m a party animal – more specifically a dolphin soft toy made from ocean plastic.”

IKEA’s childlike take on a serious environmental issue will continue across radio spots, social films, print and OOH.

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