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iMedia Brand Summit exclusive video interviews


iMedia Brand Summit exclusive video interviews


When you get the chance to attend an event like the iMedia Brand Summit, you need to grab it with both hands, and that was true of everyone that has spent the last three days in the Blue Mountains. But for all those that came along for the ride, there are many more who couldnt attend, and theres nothing marketingmag.com.au hates more than marketers feeling left out.

Thats why we partnered up with the iMedia Brand Summit and the talented and endlessly entertaining guys at Viocorp to bring some of the Blue Mountains marketing gold down to marketers across Australia. Over the next couple of weeks well be showcasing some of the keynote presentations from the event, with commentary and posts from the presenters. Well also be bringing you loads of great short video interviews from speakers and delegates, with the help of Viocorps video wizardry.

On Monday, youll get a chance to read all about how Twitter brought an added dimension to the summit proceedings, so drop by then and get ready to feel included again!

The unofficial tag line for the summit was fun but focussed and the teaser video that went out before the summit is a good example of what happens when marketers get together. So as well as asking the speakers and delegates questions about the marketing insights being discussed at the summit, we also threw in a curve ball. So get ready to hear some of Australias top marketing minds answer the the burning question:

Somewhere deep underground in Europe protons are being smashed together to create black holes. A black hole has opened and youve got 15 minutes left before you get sucked into the void – what do you do?

Stay tuned for the results and more great content from the iMedia Brand Summit.


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