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Interbrand Report: Coke remains chart-topper, Apple hits top 10


Interbrand Report: Coke remains chart-topper, Apple hits top 10


It was like that last day of school when report cards were given out- CMOs and brand managers waited with bated breath to see if they’ve made it on the list.

Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands Report 2011′ was released yesterday, and once again, veteran leader Coca-Cola has topped the charts in their twelfth consecutive years. Nine out of the ten top global brands have retained their esteemed positions with the exception of Nokia, who fell from 8th spot to 14th, and was replaced by Apple.

With the popularity of smartphones, tablets and digital communication, it is to no surprise that technology brands are showing huge sector growth, with seven of the top 10 brands hailing from the tech sector. While Amazon.com was the year’s strongest position jumper, rising 32 percent in brand value, new player to the mobile market, Taiwanese brand HTC also made its debut in position 98.

The report also demonstrates that strong brands survive regardless of internal or external crisis. Toyota remains the top automotive brand at 11th despite facing issues with quality control and surviving the Japanese earthquake. Confidence in luxury brands has also translated to names like Louis Vuitton (18), Gucci (39), Hermés (66) and Moét & Chandon seeing brand values increase.

Out of the ten top brands listed this year, Marketing has had the opportunity to profile nine of them in our monthly Superbrand profiles.

1. Coke (in July 2011 issue on Zinio)

3. Microsoft (in October 2009 issue* )

4. Google (in March 2009 and June 2011 issue on Zinio)

5. GE (in upcoming November 2011 issue)

6. McDonald’s (in September 2009 issue*)

7. Intel (in May 2011 issue on Zinio)

8. Apple (in March 2010 issue*)

9. Disney (in January 2009 issue*)

10. HP (in November 2010 issue*)

The only brand missing in our collection is IBM (while there is a Career Centrefold profile on VP and GM of IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management Group YuChun Lee in July 2011), ranked second in the report.

*Copies of these issues can be purchased by calling 1800 804 160 (Australia) or +61 (3) 9948 4900(International)



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